‘Your Mother and I’ Indiegogo Campaign

October 7th, 2015 by

YOUR MOTHER AND I is an adaptation of the Dave Eggers story of the same name from his 2004 short story collection HOW WE ARE HUNGRY. We have received the author’s blessing to adapt the story, have secured a terrific cast, including Don McKellar and Julia Sarah Stone and crew, but we need your generous support and participation to help realize this short film!

Johnna’s dad is a hero – he’s fixed the hole in the O-Zone layer, put an end to genocide, cured Parkinson’s, and painted Kansas purple for good measure. But back at home, in the kitchen making nachos, he’s still just ‘dad’, and Johnna’s heard it all before. In the time it takes for them to make a plate of nachos, YOUR MOTHER AND I explores the complex relationship between an adolescent girl and her father, as well as exploring the ridiculously simple ways (as well as some that are just downright ridiculous) in which we could change the world.

“Dave Eggers’ short story is one that has echoed in my head for a long time. There is something captivating in the world that Eggers’ evokes – one not so far away from our own in the way it looks and feels, the food we eat, the relationships we have – but a million miles away from it in the changes that have apparently been effected. It’s a fun and funny way of looking at the way we live and the opportunities, however outlandish there are for change. It’s a story that gently questions our values and offers playful alternatives, whilst presenting a very familiar environment.”

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