Happy New Year (a good start to the year)

January 25th, 2016 by

Happy New Year!

Very happy to report screenings in Berlin, London and Landshut as 2016 gets started. ‘How (not) to rob a train’ screened on Friday the 22nd at The British Shorts Film Festival in Berlin. Thanks for having us! ‘The King and Queen of Halloween’ will be screening at the Landshut Film Festival in March – watch this space! And I’m excited to announce that ‘She would move the tree rather more to the middle’ will be screening at the BFI Future Film Festival on the 19th of January where it has been nominated for Best UK Short and Best Director. You can book tickets to that here! Nice start to the year all around….

BFI future film festival Anna Maguire
How (not) to rob a train at British Shorts 2016

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